Beja Council

Located in the south of Portugal, Beja is the capital of lower Alentejo, the largest district in the country.

The tourism department of the city council of Beja, made contact to produce a series of short-films with the purpose to promote the region and the county. These films have been exhibited to audiences in local concerts, fairs, theatres, TV as well as tourism fairs worldwide.


Video Production





This short-film was commissioned to be the main campaign video for the rebrand of Beja . This short-film follows a young tourist who falls in love with the city, the landscapes, the heritage, the gastronomy and the 'lived life' that is offered to those who stay there

"Promete-me que terás saudades minhas."

"Promise me you will miss me"

Mariana Alcoforado

In homage of Mariana Alcoforado, a nun who lived her life in a convent in Beja, and reportedly the author of the world famous Letters of a Portuguese Nun.


These letters are a love story, Mariana asks her beloved "promise me that you will miss me," These same words we chose as the message of the campaign for those who visit Beja, as they mirror the feeling the region provokes.



A walk through the nature itineraries of the county of Beja. This film focuses on the natural heritage that surrounds the city.

Used for tourism promotion in TV, and online.

"We wanted to document and reflect the identity of our region, this partnership made it possible"

Miguel Gois - Councilor of Beja



This project follows Joana a teenager who, after watching a video published on the internet about Beja, decides to venture out and dive in to the rich heritage of her city.

"The objectives were expected and achieved, these projects are still used today as a reference for our means of promoting and publicizing 'Beja' as a brand"

Miguel Gois - Councilor of Beja

Fairs, Festivals and Shows around town.


Annually the city counts on some events that bring thousands of people, congregations, fairs, concerts, and fashion shows. The goal was to document some of the events.

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