Ourique Council

Ourique is the capital of the Black Pig. It's meat is processed in different ways to make it a worldwide known produce.

Ourique's Council got in touch to produce film campaigns in order to promote the produce, events and natural beauty of the region. The films have been exhibited to audiences at tourism fairs, local theatres and TV, as well as online.


Video Production

Web Development

Welcome To Ourique


Ourique Mayor's office and ACPA  (Pig Breeders Association of Alentejo) commissioned this video project and website to promote the 7th World Congress of Dry-Cured Ham which took place in Ourique.

The video shows the region, access points, and locations where the Congress took place as well as an overview of the process of pig to final product.

Ourique's Hog Fair 2012


This is an annual fair celebrating Ourique’s deep connection to the black pig.

Our goal was to document everything from regional delicacies to pig costumes, from traditional singing to live band performances. This video production was commissioned by Ourique's tourism department for national promotion.



Garvão is a small, old Portuguese  town located in the county of Ourique. This project was commissioned by Ourique's tourism department to document Garvão’s rural fair.

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